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This blog has been born of necessity.  As a coach I only have so many minutes and hours.  There are only so many individuals I can talk to–and realistically, there are only so many times I can communicate certain valuable bits of information before I begin to tire of it all.

So, documenting key themes and categorizing them–making the data available so clients can search it up when it is needed or when I realize it would be appropriate–this is the idea.  So for example, when I realize that a certain recommendation is having excellent results with all my clients who are high Authority–I will take the time to write it up and post it.  Or, let’s say you are a client who is very high Challenge, and you realize you need to refresh on the subject–you can quickly search and find appropriate coaching on the subject.

The content will be designed to support clients who are taking the strengths-based approach to their career management, to their personal development, and to their relationships.

Please feel free to comment, give feedback, or suggest topics for discussion.

We are launched!


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